Bruce and Shirley Cicchese



504 Meadow Dr.
Hammond, WI 54015

More About Bruce:

Family: God used a spiritual awakening in 1970 to move Bruce and Shirley to adopt two children, provide foster care for 14, and begin the ministry known today as Teens For Christ. Shirley was instrumental in starting the Bible Quiz program.

What I do with TFC: I am the founding director of the the ministry of Teens For Christ, and I have been working in and growing the ministry of Teens For Christ since 1974.

Education: Graduated from High School in Wisconsin
Attended Covington Seminary for three years

Previous work experience:
Bruce, a Vietnam Veteran, has worked as a machinist, school bus driver, semi-truck driver, manufacturing plant manager, construction superintendent, trucking firm manager and plastic plant foreman. He has been a business owner and heavy equipment mechanic.

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