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November Quiz Bracket

  Quiz 1- 9AM Quiz 2- 9:30AM Quiz 3- 10AM Quiz 4- 10:30PM Quiz 5- 11AM Quiz 6- 11:30AM
Quiz Hivemind(1) Sparks(6) It Is Written (IIW)(8) Still Waters(14) Exodus(9) JIM(11)
Site Daughters of David(2) Child Again(21) Hangry(15) As Is Predestined(19) Little Caesars(10) Cottage Grove(13)
One Contagious(3) Still Waters(14) N.O.W.(16) Contagious(3) The Authority(17) Seven Woes(18)
Quiz Exile(4) Hangry(15) Child Again(21) Amplify(5) Still Waters(14) Loaves and Fish(12)
Site Amplify(5) Daughters of David(2) Mat+H(7) Exodus(9) Exile(4) As Is Predestined(19)
Two Sparks(6) Little Caesars(10) Hivemind(1) Cottage Grove(13) JIM(11) N.O.W.(16)
Quiz Mat+H(7) JIM(11) Little Caesars(10) Hivemind(1) Loaves and Fish(12) Contagious(3)
Site It Is Written (IIW)(8) Amplify(5) Exile(4) Seven Woes(18) Child Again(21) Hangry(15)
Three Exodus(9) As Is Predestined(19) As Is Predestined(19) Reclining Roosters(20) Cottage Grove(13) Child Again(21)
Quiz Little Caesars(10) Exodus(9) Seven Woes(18) Exile(4) As Is Predestined(19) Daughters of David(2)
Site JIM(11) N.O.W.(16) Contagious(3) The Authority(17) Hivemind(1) Still Waters(14)
Four Loaves and Fish(12) Hivemind(1) Exodus(9) It Is Written (IIW)(8) It Is Written (IIW)(8) Mat+H(7)
Quiz Cottage Grove(13) It Is Written (IIW)(8) The Authority(17) N.O.W.(16) Daughters of David(2) Reclining Roosters(20)
Site Still Waters(14) Loaves and Fish(12) Sparks(6) Little Caesars(10) Seven Woes(18) Exodus(9)
Five Hangry(15) Reclining Roosters(20) JIM(11) Mat+H(7) Amplify(5) Exile(4)
Quiz N.O.W.(16) Cottage Grove(13) Amplify(5) Child Again(21) Mat+H(7) Sparks(6)
Site The Authority(17) Contagious(3) Loaves and Fish(12) JIM(11) Reclining Roosters(20) It Is Written (IIW)(8)
Six Seven Woes(18) The Authority(17) Still Waters(14) Daughters of David(2) Hangry(15) Little Caesars(10)
Quiz  As Is Predestined(19) Seven Woes(18) Reclining Roosters(20) Hangry(15) Contagious(3) The Authority(17)
Site Reclining Roosters(20) Mat+H(7) Cottage Grove(13) Sparks(6) N.O.W.(16) Hivemind(1)
Seven Child Again(21) Exile(4) Daughters of David(2) Loaves and Fish(12) Sparks(6) Amplify(5)


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