Ministries of Teens For Christ

Rallies are exciting monthly events where we combine all the Bible clubs, and include area youth groups. Teens can get to know other Christian teens at these events, which include Lock-ins, Snow Tubing, Mission Impossible, and other fun events! All of them include uplifting speakers so that teens hear a clear gospel message.

Our goal is to reach into the High Schools and Junior High schools with the message of the gospel. An hour of great fun every week combines with a power-packed message to be a mix teens just can’t resist! Featuring teen-run meetings in nearby homes, these clubs are just the ticket to reaching many students for Christ.

Teens memorize verses and have monthly tournaments quizzing against each other in teams. After the regular season, teams are combined to form all-star teams from Teens For Christ that are sent to the Bible Quiz Fellowship National Tournament. Quizzing is an excellent competitive way to get teens interested in studying the Bible.

In past summers, our ministry center has featured a life-sized Tabernacle in its backyard. Our tour guides teach the meaning behind the materials, measurements, and architecture of the Tabernacle to discover how every aspect of this amazing piece of history is symbolic of the ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Every summer we take teens to a local summer camp in WI. A lakefront, basketball and volleyball courts, paintball, and indoor games provide lots of great fun for the teens, and impactful speakers provide a chance for them to learn and to get to know God. Team competition encourages them to have fun memorizing Scripture.

Teens For Christ is dedicated to reaching teens with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and guiding them as disciples for Jesus. Teens can choose to raise money to serve on a mission project, such as missions trips to run teen camps or vacation Bible schools, etc. Those who go on these trips are dedicated to learning a servant spirit.