By The Book

What is "By The Book?"

By The Book is a Scripture Memory accountability group intended to encourage those who have set a goal of memorizing large portions of the New Testament, one book at a time. It is a ministry of Teens For Christ, in response to a challenge by Jim Cicchese at the 2008 Bible Quiz Fellowship National tournament, seeking people who would commit to memorize up to the entire New Testament.

How Do I Become a Member?

There is no membership fee; the "Price" of admission is that you commit to memorize at least one entire book from the New Testament. Respond by clicking on the email address below, and indicate that you wish to join BTB. We will also need the following information:
  • 1. Name
  • 2. Current Memorization project (i.e. which book?)
  • 3. Ultimate goal (i.e. 1/4 of the New Testament, Full New Testament, one book, etc.)
  • 4. Optionally: How you learned about BTB, and where you live would be helpful information.

What Does Membership Get for Me?

Very little, actually! A kick in the seat of the pants about once a month from Jim Cicchese, and email addresses for those who, like you, have committed to memorizing large portions of the New Testament. Our hope is that we can encourage each other to stay faithful to this difficult task. Instead of what it gets for you, I would pray that you consider how you can "spur one another on..."


  • Memorized: The rules aren't ironclad, but the goal is to be able to quote an entire book from the NT in one sitting. A couple helps in each chapter is OK, and if the book is extraordinarily long (longer than 600 verses, perhaps), it could be divided into two sections.
  • Past Perfect: A book you had memorized, and could quote entirely, at some time in the past. Usually, as we move on to new books, we set aside the ones we memorized previously. Most people "top out" between 1000 and 3000 verses that they can recall at any given time.
  • Present Perfect: A book you can quote right now, with minimal help or mistakes. In case of unusually long books, I would accept splitting them in half, and memorizing them in two halves, if necessary.
  • Quiz Perfect: Bible Quizzers understand that to be ready for Quiz Nationals, they must reach a higher level of "memorization." A book is Quiz Perfect when you can recall any verse from that book, in random order, in fewer than ten seconds.

Suggested Goals:

  • One NT book - quiz perfect
  • 1/4 of NT (2000 verses) - past perfect
  • 1/2 of NT (4000 verses) - past perfect
  • Full NT (8000 verses) - past perfect
  • Full NT (8000 verses) - present perfect

Does Anybody Actually Memorize the Whole New Testament?

While no one in this group has yet finished the NT, 18 of us have committed to doing so. I believe it is only a matter of time before God accomplishes this in us.